Essay about Alfred Rosenberg : The Jewish Question

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Alfred Rosenberg once stated “Germany will regard the Jewish question as solved only after the last Jew has left the greater German living space… Europe will have its Jewish questions solved only after the very last Jew has left the continent”. Rosenberg is known for quite a few things but Rosenberg is mostly known as one of the most influential Nazi intellectuals. Also, in the course of his career, Rosenberg held a number of important German state and Nazi Party posts. Rosenberg is one of many cofounders of the Militant League for German Culture. He has written many things such as The Myth of the Twentieth Century, Letzte Aufzeichnungen, Das Parteiprogramm, The Track of the Jew Through the Ages, and many others. Rosenberg has achieved many other things in his time of being a Nazi, most of them are terrible things but he achieved them nonetheless. Alfred Rosenberg was born on January 12, 1893. He was born in Reval, Russia, which is now known as Tallinn, Estonia. Rosenberg 's mother is an Estonian named Elfriede Rosenberg and his father is a Baltic German named Waldemar Wilhelm Rosenberg. Alfred Rosenberg studied architecture in Riga and at the University of Moscow. After receiving his degree, he stayed in Russia through the early days of the Russian Revolution. The Russian revolution started on March 8, 1917. After a little while Alfred Rosenberg fled from a revolution-torn Russia in 1918 for Germany. Rosenberg immigrated to Munich and he quickly gained renown as…

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