Essay about Alfred Of Alfred The Great

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King Alfred born in 849 AD, or as many may know him as Alfred the Great, was probably the most influential leader that has ever existed for the Anglo Saxon Kingdom. Alfred lived a difficult life with war being present throughout most of his childhood. He was the son of Ethelwulf, King of Wessex and his mother who loved Alfred more than any of her previous four children was Osburh the wife of the King. Alfred throughout his young age always stuck by his father learning and traveling along the old abandoned Roman roads. He seemed as a boy to already show glimpses for the love of education, as “Alfred always had a particular fondness for the poetry of his native tongue.” Alfred, a curious boy, was always exploring and gaining a fond interest of the arts, but he would soon come to learn that as a boy, peace does not last forever. It was 793 AD and the Vikings had begun to arrive around the islands in the North of Britain. Lindisfarne a small island was attacked and it was the beginning of the soon to come Viking invasions. The Vikings were ruthless and did not respect Christian life, for they stole wealth, raped women, and tortured several Anglo Saxons horrifically. They were an enemy with no sense of morals inside them. “These raiding armies were full of warriors who acted like men without the gospel.” Alfred while still young in the early 850s was in Rome with the Pope when the full scale Viking invasions were about to begin, but soon returned in the year 854 to Wessex…

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