Alfred Adler's Theory Of Personality Analysis

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This essay will be focusing on the discussion of psychodynamic theory in understanding personality. Specifically, Alfred Adler’s individual theory of personality would be used to illustrate how does the theory help in understanding ourselves.

Alfred Adler is one of the influential figures in the school of psychodynamics. However, his theory of personality is significantly different from Sigmund Freud, who is the father of psychoanalysis and also the first proposer of the psychodynamic theory. Freud is well known for his topographical model of categorizing personality into consciousness, precociousness and unconsciousness, and emphasis on the libido (sexual drive) on personality development. Although Alder is also in the school of psychodynamics,
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First of all, he considers one’s personality as a totality. This means that personality cannot be viewed in isolation and should instead be viewed as a whole. In fact, by daily observation, it is quite easy to categorize people who are having different characteristics. For instance, in trait theory, I might be categorized as outgoing, affected by feelings, sensitive, practical etc. Yet, using individual theory, I would be more described and understood by my personal fictive goal and the means of achieving and fulfilling it. Therefore, Adler’s theory is not comprehensive enough to explain my personality and …show more content…
In reality, although I personally may pursue some key elements of the theory such as striving for perfection, it is indeed difficult to prove that I am a unified and self-consistent person. I do actually have times that I am being lazy and apathetic. For instance, I would procrastinate on homework sometimes and wake up late in the morning occasionally. Individual theory does not provide sufficient explanation in such “contradicting”

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