Alfred Adler 's Personality Theories Essay

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Personality is a unique concept that is constantly changing. I have always assumed that I knew a lot about my personality, but I have been able to dig a lot deeper in the process of writing this paper. I have applied Alfred Adler’s, Abraham Maslow’s, and Carl Jung’s personality theories to my own personality. In the process of doing so, I have learned a lot about myself and about the way that other people around me view my personality.
According to Alfred Adler, each individual develops superiority in a unique way. This is called our style of life. There are four primary types of styles of life. These include the ruling type, the getting type, the avoiding type, and the socially useful type. I associate myself with the socially useful type (Engler, 2009, p. 98). Adler believed that birth order could influence these styles of life. Family constellation is defined as “one’s position within the family in terms of birth order among the siblings and the presence or absence of parents and other caregivers. Adler hypothesized that the personalities of the oldest, middle, and youngest children in a family are apt to be quite dissimilar simply by virtue of the different experiences that each child has as that particular member of the family group” (Engler, 2009, p. 98).
Since I am an only child, my personality is different than if I had been a sibling. Engler states that “Only children tend to be more like older children in that they enjoy being the center of attention.…

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