Alexie 's The End Of Indian Education Essay

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1. In the end of "Indian Education" Alexie became more successful than his childhood friends. His success is contributed not by the lessons taught in school but by the life experiences he had. Throughout elementary school and high school he dealt with hardships within his family, racist teachers and bullies. I think all these contributing factors helped push him to be successful. In fourth grade, a teacher named Mr. Schluter, encourages him to become a doctor. Ultimately this was Alexie’s turning point that motivated him in school. His previous teacher had either been racist or had not seen his full potential. Another contributing event to Alexie’s success was going to study at a high school off the reservation. The education he received at this highs school set him apart from childhood friends. I enjoyed the style of “Indian Education” more than “Eleven” because the story was set up as a list of formative events. The story was fast paced and had multiple stories within one big story. I was able to understand the most memorable moments through Alexie’s childhood and education in one story.
2. I enjoyed the story “Eleven” because I felt as if it was very relatable. This story describes an emotional experience that we can all relate to about growing up. Throughout reading the story I thought about how simple the story line was yet there was a strong message in it. The story was written in a way that made me think about how the layers of ages are never fully gone at each…

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