Alexander, The, Ideal, And Real Body Shape And The Actual Average Size And Shape

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Alexander, B. (n.d.). Ideal to real: What the 'perfect ' body really looks like for men and women. Retrieved March 01, 2016, from

Bryan Alexander, the publisher of “Ideal to real…” for Today, was given various sets of images to reflect “ideal” and “real” body size and shape. Alexander investigates the difference between society’s ideal body shape and the actual average size and shape. He also suggested men and women are close in agreement on ideal male bodies. Images provided in the article show men’s ideal image of themselves is to have broad, strong shoulders and chest, which definitely differs from the real image. For women the ideal image is to have bigger breasts and smaller waist compared to the average female. Another researcher that worked with Alexander indicated both men and women prefer more extreme female body shapes. Alexander concludes men and women have this ideal image in their head that they cannot live up to. Both male and female have an ideal image that is much different than the average body, and this idea mediates through our culture. Overall, the article was interesting to read, and the pictures were nice to see an actual ratio of real to idea. A lot of this article was quoted from other sources but I still found the information useful and fascinating.

Bessenoff Daniel Snow, G.,R. (2006). Absorbing society 's influence: Body image self-discrepancy and…

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