Essay about Alexander the Great

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Joe Cibulka May 16, 2011

Alexander the Great Who is the Macedonian king who beat the great Persian Empire in 329 B.C.? Alexander the Great, of course! Although he faced many challenges, Alexander III conquered the world. Alexander said` Nothing is impossible to him who tries”- Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was born on July 20, 356 B.C. He was born in the Macedonian capitol Pella. His mother and father were Queen and King, so he was a prince. His dad was murdered by a traitor, but soldiers eventually caught up to him and killed him. The prince had no brothers or sisters. His dad, King Phillip II, was married to Queen Olympias. Alexander the Great took risks and was brave, because while his dad was at a
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Later his dad was murdered by a traitor, so he inherited the throne and got more money. What about his family as an adult? His mom, Olympias, took Alexander to Epirus at age twenty-one after his dad died, but his mom never came back. Later he started his own family by marrying princess Roxane of Fort Sodgian Rock. Alexander the III had two kids one by a Persian woman whose name was Heracles, and one by his wife, Roxane, whose name was Alexander IV. What about his personality? Alexander III was very brave because he led so many wars that he could have gotten killed in. In 325 BC; he got shot with an arrow in the stomach by a member of the Mali tribe and almost died in the act of fighting. The King was careful because he would have starved if his soldiers starve. He wouldn’t drink if his soldiers didn’t drink. He would put his soldiers before him. Alexander the Great had many superior accomplishes like, winning a lot of wars for Macedonia. His greatest accomplish was in early 326BC, conquering the world and besides that he had to defeat the Persian King Darius III. Darius kept running away from his rival, Alexander, but he finally caught up to him and killed him. Alexander had great significant Incidents and Historical times. One was, he conquered the world. He also beat the Persian Empire with a smaller cavalry. One other thing is that the King led lots of wars and did not loose one. The king died on June 10 323 B.C.. How did he die? He

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