Alexander The Great Was A Brilliant Strategist And Warrior Essay

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Alexander the Great was a brilliant strategist and warrior. He had many dreams. His ambition for world dominance like the many other rulers before him and after him. Alexander the great was born on July in the year of 356 BC and died in 324 BC. At a young age; Alexander showed his potential and future strength as a leader who could govern and dominate the old world. If Alexander the Great were alive today, he would solve the social injustice of war by global domination.
Alexander was a brilliant mind who studied under the teachings of Aristotle. "I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well" (Alexander the great). Alexander was taught mathematics, science and philosophy, he refined his mind by studying the art of war. Making him a brilliant student of both philosophy and war. He became one of the most gifted warrior kings, one who struggled and fought alongside his men. Alexander contributed much to the old world with the spread of Greek culture to the Middle East and Central Asia. This further encouraged trade between cultures that had little contact with one another previously.
This spread of Greek culture is good because it allowed for an influx of new ideas to arise such as advancements in science, mathematics, astrology, and literature.The conquests of Alexander increased economic growth and a flow of new ideas between Greece and North India. Alexanders conquests as well sparked an inspiration amongst the people to study science leading to…

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