Alexander the Great: the Quest to Be Greater Essay

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Alexander the Great was a conqueror and King of Macedonia prior to the Hellenistic Period. He succeeded to the throne after Phillip II of Macedon’s death brought his reign to an end. However, the continuance of the promised legacy his father left behind did not satisfy this power crazed King for fame and glory. Alexander the Great’s resentment towards his father led him to continue conquering because he wanted to overshadow his father. Under his headship, his unification of Greek city-states led to one of the largest empires known today.
Alexander was born in the summer of 356 B.C. to Phillip II King of Macedon and Olympias of Epirus. Born into a royal household with a great military leader as the head of it, Alexander spent most of his
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56-57). Plutarch also emphasized that Alexander’s passion was to be forever instilled in him. (“Plutrach Lives:The Life of Alexander” p. 306) These influences in Alexander’s life lead to the development of his personality. He became a “man entirely wrapped up in his destiny and completely devoted to his task.” (Fuller, p.58) Alexander, from a very young age, always strived to be the best.
After three years of studying under Aristotle, Alexander returned home at the age of sixteen. When King Philip went away one of his conquests, he left Alexander in charge of Macedonia. During his entrustment of Macedonia by King Philip, Alexander “defeated and subdued the Mædian rebels, took their city, ejected its barbarian inhabitants, and reconstituted it as a Grecian colony, to which he gave the name of Alexandropolis, (“Plutrach Lives:The Life of Alexander” p. 307-308) ” proving his courage, skill, and worthiness of the promised throne. However, King Philip’s “…the domestic dissensions produced by [his] amours and marriages caused an estrangement between them...” (“Plutrach Lives:The Life of Alexander” p. 308) Soon after, Alexander learned that King Philip remarried and produced another possible successor to the throne. The threat of another possible successor to his promised throne drove Alexander to rage and further resentment of his father. This was the start of a spiteful relationship

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