Essay on Alexander the Great: the Man, the Life, the Legacy

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Alexander the Great: The Man, the Life, the Legacy

History is full of remarkable characters. Whether they were noble or unrepentant in their actions those were what made them immortal through our recorded history. One such character is Alexander the Great. Some have accused him as a drunken killer who wanted only to have the world under his rule. Others deem him as a kind-hearted man who wanted to better the world by spreading the culture of his people. The decision of what is in the right and what is feigning depends foremost on the sources and information being analysed. After much researching, Alexander the Great’s personality has been evaluated and the extent to which his actions shaped and changed the society in which they lived
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He never felt he was a conqueror but rather a liberator of all man. He did not want to simply defeat his enemies militarily. Gaining victories over armies was only the first step. Alexander respected every religion and every culture he became ruler of. Instead of simply killing his opposing leaders he would treat them as his friends and equals if they chose to be so. When King Darius of the Persian Empire was defeated by Alexander he soon learned that his wife, mother, and family had been taken prisoner. He was soon filled with anxiety for he believed their fate would be or was grim and cruel. In fact, quite the opposite was true. His beloved were living comfortably at the palace in Susa. In every way they were treated as royalty. Alexander’s generosity and respect for others was so far reaching that he gave the wife of Darius, who died in childbirth, a funeral befitting a queen. Alexander’s outstanding character never faltered there. King Darius exclaimed that if was indeed his destiny to lose his Kingdom of Persia that he would yield it to no other man except for Alexander the Great. For Alexander it was more than simply winning a battle, a war, or his massive military campaign. He wanted to win the people.

Alexander left a lasting legacy that affects the world even today. His most supreme and lasting influence he brought to the world was the extension of Greek culture. When Alexander started his campaign it was actually

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