Essay on Alexander The Great Of Alexander

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Alexander the Great seems to have been a man who relished in the excesses of life. Not only did he lust after wealth and lands, but also he sought after deification and absolute power. With regards to "With regard to bodily pleasures, [Alexander] enjoyed perfect self-control; where pleasures of the mind were concerned, he was insatiable only for men 's praise", this statement is misleading and most likely Arrian stated such only because of his admiration of Alexander (Arrian 7.28.2). Alexander commonly was drunk when not on campaign, and he continually wanted to expand his empire regardless of what his own men thought, which indicates that Alexander was not solely focused on the praise of men, but rather focused on his own personal greatness, determined by only himself.
Early in Alexander’s exploits, during a drinking party, Alexander proposed that his subjects perform proskynesis when greeting him. His own men objected the idea, arguing that “… Alexander is worthy of any honor that is due a human being. But human honors have been distinguished by mankind from those accorded to the gods…” (Arian 4.11.2). In this instance, Alexander was not looking for praise from his own men, but rather he was looking for deification. The distinction between praise and deification is important because when he received praise from his men, his men thought that Alexander had earned it. Conversely, Alexander’s seeking deification was he himself thought that he deserved worship, rather than his…

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