Alexander The Great Of A Great Man Essay example

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Alexander the Great seemed to be given a name fit for someone who is legendary. We all know his name today, even though he lived sixteen hundred years ago. What made him such a great man?
Alexander was born to father King Phillip II and mother Olympias (formerly called Myrtale) on day six of the month Loios (Macedonian month of July). During a majority of this time, King Phillip was away fighting wars, so his mother Queen Olympias oversaw his training and instilled resentment in Alexander about his father. She did that by criticizing King Phillip’s moral shortcomings, and telling Alexander that he was destined for greatness.
Alexander had many teachers growing up. From Leonidas who though he was defiant, and was trying to teach him horseback riding, archery and maths. There is an anecdote that paints Alexander as a troubling student to Leonidas when Alexander picked up handfuls of incense and threw them into an alter fire during a sacrifice. Leonidas yelled at him saying “When you have conquered the spice regions you can throw away all the incense you want, until then, do not waste it”. Years later when Alexander conquered Gaza, he sent to Leonidas of about eighteen tons of Frankincense and Myrrh. To Lysimachus, who was Alexander’s favorite tutor partly in fact to a game that he designed for Alexander where he impersonated the Greek hero Achilles (but without the Achilles heel issue). His most famous teacher of course was Aristotle (who was a student of Plato),…

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