Essay about Alexander The Great Did Not Die So Young

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What if Alexander the Great did not die so young? Their are many questions that can be asked. In his short life he had one of the biggest empires in his time, he was the main power in Europe and he had taken over a lot of places and little towns. Alexander was a very known leader; he had the most power in Europe. Alexander the Great could have done a lot more good affects to the world than he already did, or he could have been a negative impact to the world. Alexander had been successful for a ton of thing, but what makes us think of what he could have done or what could of happened if he lived longer? Alexander the Great is a man of many accomplishments, which is where the greatness part in his name is from. He was the son of King Philip II, and his mother was Olympias. “Alexander was born in Pella at 356 BC”. He was raised in Macedonia when he was young; he learned how to read play the lyres, fight and hunt. Alexander was taught about medicine, philosophy, morals, religion, logic and art at the age of 13. He learned this from his tutor Aristotle. At a young age Alexander was learning a ton of stuff, he was constantly being tutored by Aristotle and learning. At the young age of 16 years old Alexander was in charge of Macedonia because his father went to invade southern Greece. This was the start of Alexander’s first taste of power. The Thracians tried to invade Alexander while he was in charge; he organized an army quickly and then demolished the Thrace. However,…

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