Alexander The Great And His Reputation Essay

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Alexander the Great Deserve and His Reputation
Alexander the Great is known for his legacy. Most known for his strategy of conquering many cities in Europe, Alexander the Great was no stranger to war strategy. Following a series of events leading to Alexander’s father being murder the Peloponnesian War ensued and the consequences of this country showed the Greek states at their worst selfish, contentious, avaricious, and power-hungry. The crises solution was Alexander to take his father’s throne and lead the Greek cities into a better position. However, his success as a conqueror and liberating many cities along his empire.
N. G. L. Hammond wrote The Genius of Alexander the Great believed Alexander the Great deserved his reputation. He believes Alexander has an intellectual mind since his father Phillip hired Aristoteles as his intellectual tutor (Issue Summary, Page 57). In addition, Hammond believes Alexander deserves his reputation based on his military skills, according to the text Hammond says, “He saw the destiny of Macedonia as victory in war, and he and his men made military glory the object of their ambitions. Thus he -spoke of the victorious career of Philip [king of Macedonia (359-336 B.C.) and father of Alexander] as conferring "glory" both on him and on "the community of Macedonians" (N. G. L. Hammond, The Plans and Personality of Alexander p. 60). His commitment to glory and the success of his kingdom led him to be successful and be recognize as “great”. In…

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