Alexander Techniques Analysis

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Journal entries on Alexander Technique with everyday activities:

In class, we talked about the different senses and so I have reflected a little bit on digestion and the muscular system that I have been more aware of recently…

After starting a hard full body workout in my room, I was running low on water, so I chose to go to the fridge and grab some more. However, my water filter was empty so I looked at the sink full of dishes then back at the fridge and saw coconut water. Let me preface this with I have never had coconut water before. I had bought it so that I could put in a smoothie, but as the story goes I will not because I ended up drinking it all during my workout. When the first trickle of this liquid went down my throat, I knew
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I noticed that when walking it was hard to distinguish the changes in my foot pressure but when I was standing still I did have an interesting observation. I found that I prefer positions where my weight is rested almost entirely on one side of a foot. I was told previously by my foot doctor that I have functional equinus, and was given orthotics to wear in my shoes. Functional equinus is when you do not properly rotate your ankle for movement so the orthotic was supposed to help encourage better flection. However, both pairs broke within a year and both broke with a horizontal crack on my left foot on the same location. They could lay on top of each other and be in the exact same sport it was so similar. I had thought at the time because of the foot doctors recommendation that there could have been a malfunction in the formulation the orthotic or that that material just didn 't work with my feet. But now, noticing how my standing is focused on that side, I recognized that the crack location on both pairs was always on the same side at which I put a lot of pressure on when standing. I figure that when I walk I must be putting equal if not much more pressure on that side, not putting any weight on the balls of my

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