Essay on Alexander Or Achilles Wait I 'm Confused?

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Isaac Lati Professor David Sage
Classical culture essay
Is that Alexander or Achilles…wait I’m confused?
Alexander was not some ordinary guy at his time. People considered him to be a legend of his time and on. His power was outstanding. Alexander had enough power to almost conquer most of the world at his time. People began to debate whether he was a god sent from heaven or a demon brought from down below ready to achieve and conquer the world. His actions and bravery was considered to be superhuman. He became so powerful and looked up too at such a young age that he himself began to believe that he was the son of Zeus Ammon. Alexander’s self-arrogance blinded him to see the truth, and the reality that after all Alexander was just another human. And from this fact, that he was only a human being makes him stand out during his time; it makes the view
Alexander’s father, king Phillip, wanted his son to be tutored by none other than Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher. At that time Athens was known to be high in Greek culture. They surrounded their education around literature, poetry, and their democracy. Aristotle brought the Homer’s Iliad with him, and from that moment and on Alexander fell in love with the book. Achilles, the main character fascinated him and captured, what he believed to be, the great Greek warrior. The reader can see Achilles’ heroism when he would take part in a battle and victory was guaranteed; however, when he turned his back on them, the army…

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