Alexander IIi Of Macedon Or Who Is More Known As Alexander The Great

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Greetings and thank you all for being able to attend; let’s start out today by asking who among us have yet to reach the age of 32? Among those raising your hand, has anyone lead a military campaign for over a decade and ruled over an empire? I myself personally have not, so don 't feel too discouraged, nevertheless, the reason behind my question was that Alexander III of Macedon or who is more commonly known as Alexander the Great, did just that back in 334 BCE. His ambitious drive to rule in the largest empire took shape at a young age and his legacy continues centuries after he has passed away. Alexander III of Macedon, son of Philip II of Macedon, inherited the throne when only 20 years old after his father fell victim to an assassination. Soon after Alexander took the throne a rebellious spirit dwelled upon the city of Thebes. He quickly gathers the support of the accomplished Macedonian army and rides towards Thebes to punish them for their insubordination. Upon arriving, he gave out orders for the city to be razed and to demean any will of resisting, of which the news spread to other cities to disregard any deliberation of rebellion or they too will have a similar outcome. With his kingdom firmly in place, the aspiring Alexander set his sights on being his father 's champion of Hellenism against the Persian king Darius III. His father 's unfinished campaign had been politicized as an extended act of retaliation towards the Persians for their impious destruction of…

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