Alexander Hamilton's Legacy

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Alexander Hamilton

Every other founding fathers story gets told, every other founding father gets to grow old yet Alexander Hamilton doesn’t get enough credit for all the credit he gave our nation. Alexander Hamilton deserves the legacy he always longed and fought for.Hamilton had a difficult childhood his father left when he was only 10 leaving him and his mother in poverty.Two years later Hamilton and his mother fell ill and tragically his mother passed away leaving him an orphan. Alexander knew he had to self educate himself to rise up and to escape poverty he wrote a book collection and with the money he received he bought a boat ticket to escape to New York. He would go on to fight for our independence from Britain, be the right hand man for George Washington not only during the war but also his presidency, and for our monetary system becoming the first Secretary of the Treasury in 1789 also he wrote the Federalist paper with the help of James Madison and John Jay. To Begin Alexander knew greatness lied within himself and he craved a legacy which led him to speak out and fight for what he believed in every chance he saw. He got his first position for the
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Unlike the other founding fathers he dies young he is unable to tell his story and secure his legacy. At the age of 50 he is tragically killed in an empty headed duel with colleague and former friend Aaron Burr who shoots straight at Hamilton, but instead of firing back Hamilton shoots at the sky. All of our founding fathers deserve a legacy and remembrance and Hamilton’s was almost lost in a duel he deserves to be remembered for his non-stop work and dedication not by his

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