How Did Alexander Hamilton Influence America

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In the 1770s, when America was just beginning to form, Alexander Hamilton stood out against the crowd—a genius amongst common men—and became one of the most important men in America’s history. The reason that Hamilton caused such a great influence on the newfound country is because his views on everything around him were different from that of society. The Founding Father had an opinion on every subject that dared to grace his mind, writing endless pages on each topic, from the smallest matter on the way the military uniforms looked, to his eventual creation of the first National Bank. From his countless ideas on the new world to his death, Hamilton still serves as an inspiration to millions of people and plays a large part in the modern government of America. …show more content…
After establishing his role in the government, it was then that his philosophies and notions came to life where he commanded a battalion during the Revolutionary War alongside other prominent officers such as the Marquis de Lafayette. After the war had ended, Hamilton was appointed the very first Secretary of the Treasury where he oversaw the elective reign of the first president, George Washington. As well as these two extremely notable and important roles that Hamilton played while he was alive, he was also responsible for writing fifty-one of the eighty-five installments of The Federalist Papers, the most important referencing point for the United States Constitution of America. Hamilton’s contributions, however abnormal or unusual they might have been for his time, continue to change and shape America into a better country, even some two hundred years from when he was

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