Alexander Hamilton : The President Essay

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Alexander Hamilton: The President

Alexander Hamilton came up with multiple political ideas while he was the Secretary of Treasury for President George Washington. Although he wasn’t president, there are many examples and instances that support the idea of the Virginian being a president for the early United States of America. The ideas that Hamilton surfaced to help the country started many arguments, especially between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Jeffersonians at the time disagreed with most of Hamilton’s ideas because Jefferson was not fond of his ideas, even though they could end up being helpful. In contrast to the Jeffersonians, the Hamiltonians believed that Alexander Hamilton should have been president because of his helpfulness in government through his financial ideas and influence in the making of the two-party political system.

Hamilton’s financial plan for the United States caused many conflicts within the political system and society because he went against the norms of the Founding Fathers by wanting to create a stronger central government by establishing national money centers. Hamilton’s first plan was to conquer the national debt by having the government fund at par and having the Congress pay for the states’ debts. All of the money to pay for these debts came from tariff revenues on foreign trade, meaning that the United States was unable to break ties with foreign countries until the debt was paid. This tariff showed how much the…

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