Alexander Hamilton : The Most Influential Founding Fathers Of The United States

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Alexander Hamilton is one of the most influential founding fathers of the United States. There was no greater fan of the US Constitution than Alexander Hamilton. Although he was widely criticized for having “British tendencies” especially in regards to his financial plans for the US, he loved his country dearly and only wanted to see it grow and succeed on the world stage. He is one of two men to have their faces printed on a bill – the other being Benjamin Franklin. Alexander Hamilton was born, on January 11th, 1755, a British subject on the island of St. Croix in the West Indies. His father, James Hamilton, was a Scottish merchant from St. Christopher. Rachael Fawcett Levine was Alexander’s mother, but, she was not able to marry James Hamilton because under Danish Law, Rachael was forbidden to remarry. Therefore, Alexander’s birth was illegitimate. He had only one brother, James. His parents were never rich and they often fell into debt. Finally, his father abandoned the family in 1765 leaving Racheal and the kids penniless. Racheal started a small shop to provide for her family, however, it was not enough to pay off past debts and provide for the family. Subsequently, Alexander was sent to work as a clerk and apprentice for two up-in-coming merchants from New York, Nicholas Cruger and David Beekman. His mother, Rachael Levine died in 1768, when Hamilton was only twelve years old. Alexander became a ward of some distant maternal relatives. Despite his mothers recent…

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