Essay about Alexander Hamilton : The Man That Could 've Been A President

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Nate Haynie
Lovely Mrs. Denton
American History 3B
17 November 2016

Alexander Hamilton: The Man That Could’ve Been a President.
Born, not of this land nor of privilege, Alexander Hamilton rose from nothing. To start, he became a self-starting student, the winning factor to George Washington’s revolutionary team, and an official Founding Father; the uniter of the United States of America. “Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of man will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without constraint (Hamilton).” he believed that with guidelines, the people would be able to work together to benefit themselves as a whole. Hamilton continues to influence our country through the established government and his skills in politics. Alexander was born in the British West Indies around 1755 ( Editors). Orphaned in his early teens and penniless, he started working for his landlord in the mercantile and accounting business. Proving to be a self-starter, he showed real promise and his employers pooled funds and sent him to New York to study at age 16. As his education improved, he continued to inspire many people with his writings. His political articles defending the patriots were published in the local newspapers. The first article submitted he signed as, “A friend of America (Biography).” He joined forces with the patriots to fight against the loyalists in the revolutionary war because of unlawful taxes and commercial regulation. He…

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