Alexander Hamilton: The Most Influential Founding Fathers

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All too common today is the phrase “what would our founding fathers think,” usually used in reference to the technology-obsessed millennials or the ever-declining moral state of the nation. The fact of the matter is, what the founding fathers think has absolutely no influence or weight today, as they are all dead. If the founding fathers were presumably brought back, for some ungodly reason, they would probably be too transfixed with iPhones to do anything relevant or useful. The founding fathers’ opinions on today’s state of affairs is irrelevant, but they do have lasting influence, especially Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was one of the most influential founding fathers, who created many hallmarks of America today, despite having lived over two hundred twenty years ago. The dramatic impact of Alexander Hamilton’s life did not stop after his death but is felt still in both the national economy and the very structure of …show more content…
Definitively, the influence of the founding fathers lingers on, from history classes to government documents to faces on dollar bills. Without the founding fathers, America would not only be different from today but would not exist at all. It must be noted, however, that opinions of the founding fathers on today’s issues and concerns are of little to no consequence due to their notably dead personages. As such, the next time Donald Trump says something ridiculous or another baby boomer feels the need to hypocritically complain about the ever-complaining millennials, perhaps the public should not wonder what on earth the founding fathers would think about it, but instead try to form personal, intelligent opinions. If such a thing is possible for the general public, this would enhance politics to create a modern, accurate dialogue focused on contemporary issues unheard-of to the founding

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