My Favorite Quotes From Lin-Manuel Miranda's Wait For It

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My favorite quote is, “I am the one thing in life I can control. I am inimitable; I am an original. I'm not falling behind or running late. I'm not standing still: I am lying in wait.” This is a line sung by Aaron Burr in the song ‘Wait For It’ from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton.
When I first heard the cast album to Hamilton I was attending community college, and I constantly felt like I was stuck. I was out of high school, but still living with my parents, while most of my friends had gone on to four-year universities and moved on their lives. I was at this strange point in my life where I felt like I was stuck in this odd purgatory kind of space between high school and university life.
This quote made me realize that it is a waste
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Going into my senior year I applied for every scholarship that I could get my hands on. I wrote and I rewrote until I was comfortable enough to submit my work. With all of the work I had put in I was coming up with meek results. These results persisted until I stopped composing the cookie cutter scholarship essay that I thought the organization would want, and I really found my voice. My teacher Mr. Hayworth is responsible for giving me the foundation to build my confidence and uncover my …show more content…
Hayworth was the advisor of my high school’s journalism and communications class, where I was the Editor-in-Chief. I spent my days editing news stories and planning page design, along with my other homework and scholarship essays. In the journalism class Mr. Hayworth allowed me to completely take the reins and schedule stories to whomever I wanted, and gave me the freedom to design the publication however I chose. I’ve always been shy and non-confrontational. If someone told me that they didn’t want to cover a story I would very quickly push it on to someone else to keep from causing an issue. As the year went on I began to stand my ground for the first time in my life, and the direction I wanted to take the paper was how it was going to be with no exceptions. Mr. Hayworth gave me the opportunity to get out of my shell, develop my voice, and grow as a writer and a designer. I later went on to write an essay for a scholarship about how the support he gave me has changed my life. This essay granted me a scholarship that that covered my tuition for two years of enrollment at my local community

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