Alexander Hamilton : Identify And Elaborate Upon The Author Essay

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Author: Identify and elaborate upon the author. Alexander Hamilton, the author of this letter, was born on January 11, 1755. Hamilton became an apprentice by the age of twelve and later graduated from King’s College (now Columbia University), earning a bachelor’s of arts degree in just one year. Later, Hamilton joined the Continental Army and gained the respect of General Nathaniel Greene. Green put in a good word for Hamilton and George Washington moved Hamilton to being his personal secretary, which is what he was at the time he wrote this letter. Then, Hamilton was elected to be a member of the Continental Congress in 1782 and was named First Secretary of the Treasury during George Washington’s presidency. Hamilton highly supported having a strong central government. Alexander Hamilton died on July 12, 1804 in a duel with Aaron Burr, Hamilton’s political rival. (

Audience: Identify and elaborate upon at least two possible target audiences One audience Hamilton was addressing was obviously John Jay. He addressed Jay primarily because he was president of congress, hoping that we would tell congress his idea and have them put it into action. Another audience Hamilton intended to inform and persuade was anyone who opposed adding blacks into the Continental Army. He was addressing them to persuade them to think like him and add them into the Continental Army. Three possible audiences Alexander Hamilton was addressing in this letter would be…

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