Alexander Hamilton: Father Of The American Revolution

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According to the musical Hamilton, in his early life he was an orphan. Alexander Hamilton was born out of wedlock in the West Indies. His mother died and his father abandoned him. Hamilton did whatever he could to get where he wanted to go no matter the cost of consequences. He grew up very poor from the West Indies and married into a family with money to a woman named Elizabeth Schuyler. He had a son named Phillip that he was not a part of his life because he was fighting the war in America. Alexander Hamilton was an active supporter of American Independence. He made it to the American colonies by nineteen years old. He would “rise up” and fight for his colonies. The idea that he might die in this war did not frighten him, he wasn’t scared to die fighting for what he believed in. …show more content…
The colonies were outnumbered, outgunned and not prepared to fight against the British. This did not stop them they continued to fire against the British. Then Aaron Burr came to Hamilton and offered his help to them. They waited to strike the British at night because of the numbers. Charles Lee was appointed a general. However, he was inexperienced and not a good general and people did not want to follow or listen to him. They needed Alexander Hamilton to stop the war in Yorktown. In 1781 was the battle of Yorktown, it lasted for a week and then a man in a red coat waved the white flag. Did this mean freedom for the colonist? There whole world was turned upside down. They won the revolution against the British. The price of the war is expensive and the Americans weren’t exactly sure what would come next now that they were free from the

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