Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had fundamentally different opinions on how the United States should be constructed and governed. Hamilton believed the elite should hold great power and that the federal government should be exceptionally strong. However, Jefferson believed that the common man should rule the country and that the state governments should hold most of the powers. Both men had a strong impact on America today, yet one more than the other. Without one of the men, America would not be the only world superpower, an industrial giant, and the world’s watchdog for freedom. That man is Alexander Hamilton, and I believe that his policies helped the United States the most. Though Thomas Jefferson had some excellent points, I side with Hamilton on many key issues, such as the decisions he made as the Secretary of the Treasury, his support of a strong central government, and his reasoning for loose constructionism. One of the most controversial items that make people ignore Hamilton as a reasonable politician was one of the smartest actions that any of the Founders made at the formation of our country: aiding the wealthy. Hamilton, as America’s first Secretary of the Treasury, made sure that the wealthy were taken care of. If they were rich in Britain, they would be rich here in America. Many view this as against the founding idea of equality, but I disagree. You need wealthy people in order to have a wealthy country. After the revolution, the elite…

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