Alexander Hamilton And The National Government

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Alexander Hamilton was an important contributor to the early formation of the national government of America. He took part in the Revolutionary War. Hamilton helped write the 'Federalist Papers’ with James Madison and John Jay, which served as a primary source for constitutional interpretation. President Washington chose Hamilton as the country 's first Secretary of the Treasury in 1789, in which he held the office for six years (Bio). The establishment of a national bank improved the handling of federal finances business, yet also created further conflicts between those favoring national government versus supporters of state rights.
Hamilton was born in the British West Indies on January 11, 1756. At age eleven, he started working as a
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In 1777, General George Washington made Hamilton his assistant and trusted adviser. For the next few years Hamilton wrote Washington 's critical letters, and formed numerous reports on the tactical changes and reorganization of the Continental Army. Then, after four years, Hamilton left this position to study law. After completing a short apprenticeship and passing the bar, he established a practice in New York City. In 1784, Hamilton took on the Rutgers v. Waddington case, which involved the rights of Loyalists (Bio). It was a milestone case for the American justice system, as it led to the creation of the judicial review system. He accomplished another historic feat that same year, when he assisted in founding the Bank of New …show more content…
Furthermore he issued securities bonds. Investors who purchased these bonds could make enormous profit when the US. had to pay off new debts. Finally the biggest change he made was the establishment a national bank. The First Bank of the United States was leased for a term of twenty years, by Congress on February 25, 1791. The Bank would be able to lend the government money and safely hold its deposits, give Americans a uniform currency, and promote business and industry by giving out loans (Textbook). Together with Hamilton 's other financial programs, it would help place the United States on an equal financial footing with the nations of Europe.
Hamilton was also able to develop a system by which the nation could create its own currency, and therefore not be forced to use the British Pound. Furthermore, he fought to pay off the United States’s debts, so that way it could establish credit with other nations. One of his hardest hurdles to jump over was getting Congress to authorize the money, in order to pay off revolutionary bonds and also pay off debts brought upon the states during the Revolutionary and Confederation periods (UShistory). By paying off all the state debts it dramatically enhanced the legitimacy of the new central

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