Alexander Hamilton And George Washington Essay

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As he readily approved the new federal Constitution in 1788, like other Federalists such as Alexander Hamilton and George Washington, John Adams believed in a strong, central government and a “loose” interpretation that allowed the government to exercise implied powers. The President, he thought, should be freed from the shackles of the Senate when creating treaties and appointments, and also retain absolute veto power over all legislature. He argued that “Democracy never lasts long,” in the Letters of John and Abigail Adams, that “it soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself, for a government ruled by uneducated mobs is equal to “committing suicide.” In other words, Adams had completely lost the faith in his countrymen whom lacked political virtue. He advocated for a strong executive branch or individual to govern opposing interests as written in Defense, especially during heightened tensions with the French when regional partisanship was high within the nation, although it might have permanently besmirched his reputation as a monarchist and damaged his relationship with Thomas Jefferson. Receiving the title of the first Vice President in 1792 and later the Second President of the United States in 1796 , Adams first demonstrated his wish to expand the federal government by revising the US Navy Department which would oversee all naval affairs in 1798. While the Congress was left in charge of domestic affairs, his administration was mainly focused on France during the time…

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