Alexander Fleming, Discovered The Existence Penicillin Through A Combination Of Perceptiveness And Luck

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Alexander Fleming “discovered the existence penicillin through a combination of perceptiveness and luck” (Krogh, 2011, p. 398). While he was growing bacteria in a petri dish, he notices the appearance of a type of fungus. The contamination caught the attention of Fleming. He realizes that he had found a substance that had the power to kill bacteria. Fleming continued to grow more fungal mold and tested it on different kind of bacteria. Additionally, he tested it on healthy mice in which he obtained an adverse effect from it. Fleming figured out that there were numerous substances that can kill bacteria. However, he needed to find one that could kill bacteria in humans without causing harm. Unaware of his discovery Fleming did not produce the penicillin for treatment. He believed that his discovery has been just the killer of one bacteria out of many. Also he found it to be unstable, very difficult to purify, and he believed that it lost the power to kill bacteria after being exposed to it.
Krogh, D. (2011). Biology: A guide to the natural world (Custom Vol. I). San Francisco, CA: Prentice Hall

Bacteria can take on three forms such as cocci, bacilli, and spirochete. The cocci are round bacteria that are a part of the epidermis that covers the skin. Next, is bacilli, which is a rod shape bacteria. A rod shape bacterium called bacillus anthracis is the cause of the anthrax disease. The final form in which bacteria can take on is spirochete. Spirochete is the spiral form of…

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