Essay on Alexander And The Greatness Of His Conquest

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Alexander and the Greatness of his Conquest
After the great Peloponnesian wars, the kingdom of Macedonia had been strengthening to become a force to overcome the Greek city states. Macedonia was under the control of King Philip II. Philip now reigned over all of Greece. He requited the Greeks to join his empire and his plan to take over and invade the Persian Empire. Before King Philip could begin his invasion of Asia, he was assassinated. Referring to the information provided by Harrap, “Philip, now master of the Greek mainland, was appointed general of the Greeks for an invasion of the Achaemenid Persia, but was assassinated at his daughter’s wedding in 336 B.C.” (Harrap, et al, 2011,1). Upon his death, he left his son, Alexander, to the throne. Alexander went on to live out his father’s dreams and more. The conquest that was led by Alexander and his macedonians, is to be unmatched by any other kingdom. Unfortunately, Alexander experienced a relatively short life from 356 B.C.E. to 323 B.C.E., dying at the age of thirty-two. With such a short conquest, Alexander is still to be considered great because his empire was short lived, but was thoroughly the most dominant nation in almost every field of the era. At the young age of 20, Alexander rose to power. His father had prepared him well for the occupation. Previously, he had been involved in military campaigns, as well as, orchestrating his own cavalry. With the new addition of the Greeks, Alexander felt that his empire…

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