Alexander And The Broken Table Land Round Jerusalem Essay example

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Alexander was driven to discover and conquer as much land as he can. It was important that back then in order for an empire to be strong it must be in control with as much land as possible. On his journey in the middle east he stumbled upon modern day Jordan where the Jewish people inhabited that land. According to one book, “the greater part of the area belonged to the kingdom of Jordan – is the broken table-land round Jerusalem, roughly corresponding with the territory known in Roman times as Judaea” (Grant, 1973). Alexander passed through modern day Jordan after he overtook the Persian empire he stumbled upon the Jews. It was mentioned, “As Alexander passed through Palestine on his way to annex Egypt, there were stories of his kind treatment of the Jews, some of whom were allowed to settle on Egyptian territory” (Grant, 1973). This is a testament of the kindness that Alexander displayed as he came in contact with the Jews during his passing. More proof that Alexander was amicable towards the Jews, “Alexander entered Jerusalem, presented a sacrifice to God under the direction of Yuddua and displayed respect towards the pries” (Goldstein 1993). Before Alexander passed through Jerusalem, Yaddua had a dream that a Greek will defeat the current Persian emperor. Upon hearing such an omen Alexander was delighted that, “he told the Jews to ask for whatever they wanted” (Goldstein 1993). It is hard to describe Alexander as a superstitious human being; yet here is a perfect example…

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