Alex Haley's Interview With Malcolm X

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Alex Haley Interviews Malcolm X
This article presents an interview conducted with Malcolm X in 1963 less than two years before he was assassinated in Harlem at the Audubon Ballroom. The interview was conducted by Alex Haley, who later was the co-author of The Autobiography of Malcolm X after which he wrote his own ground breaking tour de force, Roots. The interview provided an opportunity for Malcolm X, spiritual and political leader, to present his views and beliefs on his role in the civil rights struggle as well as his views on being a Black Muslim and how he felt Muhammad could lead the Black people to a state of betterment.
This outcome, he exerts, would result in the white people beginning to view the blacks as they truly are, which would finally allow blacks to successfully fight for equality. Although it is impossible to tell the tone of voice or use other auditory cues to infer mood since this interview is written, there is still the impression in many places that Malcolm X is angry at white society and also somewhat at the black community for creating the situation of inequality they now find themselves.
The interview begins with a question about how Malcolm X views the ambition of the Black Muslims. He replies that the primary goals are “freedom, justice, and equality.” He goes on to discuss how, in
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He believes the white people need someone that they can feel superior to and that the blacks need to separate themselves from the whites and white society. Malcolm X believes that only then can the black man learn how to take care of things by himself and reach his full potential, and ultimately succeed in his struggle for equality and even superiority over the white

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