Alex Malarkey Essay

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Payton Allen
I. Intro – Thesis Statement: What if I told you, that I’ve been to heaven? What if I told you, that I’ve met God, Jesus, the angels, and yes, even the devil? It seems hard to believe, yes I know. However, I assure you, it’s all the truth! My name is William Alexander Malarkey. This is my story.

II. Body Paragraph #1: First, let me take you back to when and where this all started. A. November 2004, Alex and his dad were in a major car accident. The other people in the other car survived the accident ok. B. Alex’s dad survived the accident, but Alex had major injuries. C. Alex’s vertebra was detached from his head, and he remained in a coma for the next two months.

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A. According to Alex, the angels help with his recovery, One gives him courage, one helps him open his mouth to make words, one has his hands on his chest to help him become stronger and to breathe. B. He has his first surgery that requires a hole being cut in his throat which would allow a ventilator to be attached and tubes to be removed from his throat. The surgeons would also make a small hole in his stomach so he could receive fluids & medication because he has no ability to swallow. C. He would also undergo a surgery called “The Christopher Reeve Surgery.” For those of you who don’t know what the Christopher Reeve surgery is, or who Christopher Reeve is, he’s Superman. In 1995, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed from a horseback riding accident, and he was the first person ever to be given a breathing device that allows people to breathe without a ventilator. Alex’s surgery lasted for an hour, and he made headlines because he was 10 years old when he had this surgery, making him the youngest person ever to have this surgery.

V. I know by now, some of you are wondering “where is Alex now, how is he today?” the answer is, he’s getting a lot better. In his mother’s blog, she writes that she can put him on the electrical stim bike that they could not use for 2 years. She also says she has been able to take all the kids to the beach. Alex’s story just goes to show you that God works in mysterious ways, he

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