Alex Baker Is A Regional Sales Manager For An International Corporation

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Alex Baker is a Regional Sales Manager for an international corporation in Dallas Texas, that sells diet products and nutritional supplements. Melinda Perez, a saleswomen, who is multilingual, has been a great asset to the company. Alex and Melinda have worked together for years, and shared many accomplishments regarding the company. Alex has set meetings with Melinda to discuss her sale performance, and future plans for the corporation. Alex and Melinda’s first meeting regarded sales that were off by 40% in the past three months. Alex initiates the conversation by recognizing Melinda’s ability to make improbable sales with Mexico and Brazil, by relating to the language and cultural background of those territories. He opens the floor, allowing Melinda to express complications with meeting her sales goals, in hopes to construct a solution together,so they are able to restore next quarter sales. Melinda presents she has an illness (for the first time) that has affected her performance. Alex wasn’t aware of her illness, and could have made accommodations for Melinda, if he was notified. Alex has over 100 employees, that he could have helped her through her situation. Melinda 's health has caused a major complication to the company’s sales, and could have been handled early on. As a top saleswomen, Melinda should have negotiated a solution with Alex the moment her illness was taking a toll on her job. She states that her illness is “pretty much under control,” when asked…

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