Brave New World Critical Analysis Essay

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The Critical Analysis of Brave New World and The Modern World

Did Aldous Huxley really foresee the world of today in his Brave New World? Huxley describes a ‘‘dystopia which is a community or society that is undesirable and frightening’’ in his novel. Generally, dystopias set in the future and predict how the features of the modern societies will be. Also, Huxley predicts the modern world in some ways in Brave New World. There is a society which contains many new technologies and developments that can only be dreamt in 1900s. Besides, he creates the civilized society which foreshadows the current modern societies in some respects. Although some of Huxley ideas are not presented yet, there are still many similar technologies and ideas that exist in the modern world.
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In Brave New World people are not born naturally, they are produced in a hatchery like chickens. So, embryos are produced and developed in the bottles. Although there is not such a technology like theirs, today the test tube baby technology is closely related to their production system according to Pacrick Makovski. Both technologies enable to produce a baby outside of an human body. Also science has replaced with the family unit in Brave New World. There is no family bond conventionality, their ovules are only used in the production. In addition, saying mother and father is forbidden because these are considered as a sign of promiscuity. Likewise nowadays many people are only the biological family of their children in modern societies and they have no family relationship in a traditional way. Also being pregnant is forbidden and women have to take some medications to prevent in Brave New World. Similarly today, taking birth control pill is common among the women. Both worlds have the similar technologies for babies and medications for women and there are not any family bonds

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