Essay on Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World reveals that altering nature through science leads to the loss of humanity and individuality. Huxley expresses this idea through setting, conflict and symbolism. The novel takes place in a totalitarian society where the citizens are born through cloning therefore this society lacks individuality as everyone is the same. The main character Bernard Marx deals with a continuous conflict throughout the whole story; how to fit in with his fellow class of alphas however he refuses to take part in the conditioning used to feel/become a true alpha and to lose his individuality. Soma is a drug commonly used to zone out the citizens, it also symbolizes an escape from reality and a way for the citizens to keep themselves balanced. The use of soma forms a loss of individuality as the society has made it a necessity to be in possession of and consumed. Through setting,conflict and symbolism the author develops the idea that scientific advancements although they offer many benefits using them to alter nature can lead to devastating consequences. As mentioned The Brave New World takes place in a totalitarian society where each of the citizens are separated by class. Each individual is born synthetically through the “Bokanovsky 's process” a method of cloning. This process is used by the DHC to ensure faster and more efficient growth of the population. Although this advancement makes it much more efficient to produce, cloning alters natural birth methods in…

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