Essay on Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World

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Throughout Brave New World, Huxley shows how an extremist, government "society" has destroyed social individuality. The citizens of the society lose all ability to truly feel emotions and be an individual.
Hemholtz, Bernard, and John, are a few of, if not, the only symbols of individuality that the World State has yet to conquer. Community in the World States, calls for unity and one-mindedness. There is no room for individualistic ideals or creative thoughts. You can 't think outside of the box, you can 't rebel against the World State because if you do, then they will crush you. That includes sending you away to a random island away from their prefect society, force you to rebel against your individuality and join them, or maybe like John commit suicide. John, the main symbol for individuality, kills himself because he finds that he has no more fixed identity after falling into the depths of the drug: soma. "He" has become "we" a slave to the society / government. Lastly, Huxely pushes the idea of communities (a.k.a. governments) making room for the individual, especially a rebel (like John).
The World State has become a people of pleasure-seekers. The citizens of the Brave New Dystopian World have no sexual shame or monogamous values. Instead, they are encouraged to engage in lewd acts openly with multiple partners, take place in the soma induced "orgy-porgy," to watch sexual acts as young children, and to relate religious practices to the use of drugs and sex. In…

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