Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World Essay

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Aldous Huxley was a 20th Century author whose works warned audiences about the dangers of technology. According to J.E Luebering in English Literature from the 19th Century through Today, some may know him as the author of The Devils of London which is a psychological study of a historical incident and group of seventeenth century French nuns who were crossed over by hysteria (176). This story is important because it shows Huxley’s desire to break free from the “bondage of ego” (Rolo 75) Huxley was disgusted about the way modern technology took over society. This overwhelming hatred drove him to write Brave New World: a warning to modern readers to use technology wisely, for it can be powerful and dangerous.
According to the article “Huxley, Aldous,” Aldous Huxley was born on July 26 of 1864 in Godalming, UK. According to Charles J. Rolo in Aldous Leonard Huxley, Huxley was born into a very intellectual family. His mother, Julia Huxley, was the niece of great poet, Matthew Arnold (74). According to Elizabeth Deschenes in Bioethics in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, she also opened the Priors Field School, which was a boarding school (12). His father, T. H. Huxley was a “famous proponent of Darwinian when it was first finding acceptance” (Rolo 74). He also was an educator, editor, and wrote many essays (Deschenes 12). Huxley’s grandfather was also a strong supporter of the evolutionary theory, thus greatly inspiring Huxley (12). His brothers, Julian and Andrew, were…

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