Essay on Aldi Is The Brainchild Of Brothers Karl And Theo Albrecht

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Aldi is the brainchild of brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht. Born in post-World War II Germany, the grocery chain represents the archetype of German sensibility and frugality. The Albrechts chose to continue to focus on low price and operations efficiency even after the German economy recovered. They limited their product selection to the bare minimum, a trend that has remained to this day. Aldi is now one of the largest global retailers, even though that might be surprising to some. Despite their size and prevalence, Aldi has flown largely under the radar due to the deliberate lack of engagement with the press and advertisement. A quote from one of Aldi’s pamphlets sums up their attitudes and values perfectly: “When you buy a can of peas at Aldi, you’re paying almost entirely for the can of peas. Aldi doesn’t need to tack one more penny to pay for an army of stackers or piped-in music or fancy display or check cashing or gimmicks and games. So your food dollar pays for what it’s support to pay for: food.”
Complimentary to their pervasive culture of frugality, Aldi has a “double guarantee” on the quality of products the stores offer. The grocery chain stocks mostly private label brands in store and shies away from both excessive choice and leading brands. Aldi is obsessive about the quality of their own brands, claiming to meet or exceed leading brands in taste and quality. Limiting selection has allowed Aldi to focus on offering their high-quality…

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