Alcoholism : What Is Alcoholism? Essay

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What is alcoholism?
Alcoholism is when someone’s desire to consume alcohol is much past the point of where they can control. It becomes something that the person’s body is dependent upon, to a point when it becomes where they physically crave it. They are infatuated with alcohol and typically have an extremely hard time controlling the amount of which they consume.
How much has alcoholism increased over the past few years?
It seems that it has become increasingly easier for people to consume more than two to three drinks in one outing. According to researchers from the University of Texas, a research survey was done in 2008 that showed the percentage of men who drank, which increased from five percent to seven percent (Moderate Drinking Helps Middle-Aged and Older People Live Longer, Research Shows, 2010). The increases among women were between eight and nine percent. According to the university, in the United States, about ten to twelve percent of men and five to ten percent of women will, at some point in their lives, will become manipulated by alcoholism. Therefore, about twelve percent of adults will have an alcohol problem at one point in their life. These studies show evidence that there is a higher prevalence among men, although that some recent research shows that the proportion of female alcoholics has increased slightly (Mann, 2015).
What is the cause?
There is no single cause concerning alcoholism. One of many is because alcohol, at times, may act as a…

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