Alcoholism : Truths Behind It All Essay

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Alcohol is the number one leading cause of teen deaths in the United States. People who drink alcohol are at higher risks of getting in trouble with the law. Half of the people in jail and hospitals are in some way linked to alcohol use. In 1920 during the Prohibition Era people drank more than they had when there was no Prohibition. Alcohol has many after effects such as: damage to a person’s body, withdrawal, and both mental and physical effects. Family members going through this are four percent more likely to become an alcoholic than someone without a family member who is an alcoholic.
INFORMATION ON ALCOHOLISM There are two major categories of Alcoholism. The author of the article “Alcoholism” states in the article that “Alcoholism is a serious chronic, potentially fatal condition in which individuals have difficulty controlling their consumption of alcoholic beverages.” The first type of alcoholism is the acute, which is immediate. This is the beginning stage where the person is just starting to drink too heavily (“Alcohol”Drugs). The second type is the chronic stage. This is the stage where the person has been drinking for several years (“Alcohol”Drugs). According to Edward Sill, author of the book Alcoholism, twenty one is the legal age to go out and buy alcohol (20). Most drinkers do not get much nutrition, which then makes is easier to get infections (“Alcohol”Drugs). Drinking has many physical effects to the body, also increases…

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