Alcoholism : The Glass Castle Essays

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Laura Key
English 3
25 January 2016
Alcoholism is an Addiction
Over 20 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol, are you one of them? Roughly only 11 percent of the people will receive treatment for their addiction. That’s nearly nothing. Jeannette Walls wrote the book “The Glass Castle” to show readers how her life was really like when she was growing up. Having a father that is an alcoholic, Walls really understands what a lot of families are going through, she constantly moved houses due to her dad not being able to hold down a job long enough for them to stay in one place. Many people today, are affected with the abuse and misuse of alcohol and any other addictions, such as drugs, smoking, etc., addictions are not always because of chemical substances or of alcoholic beverages, it can also be physical, psychological or both.
As a little girl, Jeannette Walls experienced some unusual, and harsh things while growing up, going from town to town, house to house, she never really experienced what a real home felt like. Walls Father, Rex wanted his children to believe their life was “one long and incredibly fun adventure”( Jeannette Walls), but Jeannette and her siblings didn’t think so. When Jeannette was growing up, she didn’t have any running water, she only had sporadic electricity in her three room shack. Walls had 3 siblings, Lori, Brian, and Maureen. Jeannette was the second oldest of all of her siblings. They had to sometimes share cat food with…

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