Alcoholism Is A Chronic Illness Essay examples

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Alcoholism is a chronic illness that gets a lot of stigma on a daily basis. Many people do not understand the illness and that it is a disease. They see it as a burden and a problem. If someone decides to not drink when they go out the person automatically thinks that the person is a recovering alcoholic. Many of the nurses that I work with have an exasperated behavior towards alcoholics, these patients are not the ones they want to care for and seem irritated to have to deal with these type of patients. I was able to sit down with a recovering alcoholic to learn about some of the stigma he experienced during his drinking years. The person I interviewed Don started drinking around the age of 26 and in 2008 his drinking became much worse which lead to many of his down falls. Due to his drinking he has experienced many hospitalizations for things such as detox, with a few stays on the rehab unit, and side effects associated with his drinking such as a gastrointestinal bleeding. Dons first experience with drinking was when he moved to the United States. He would drink on the weekends with friends and over time it became more frequent such as drinking beer when he was grilling. Eventually his drinking became too much and it ended his first marriage. During Dons alcoholic years he had many labels that were used to describe him. These labels consisted of “stupid drunk”, “stupid alcoholic”, “fucking drunk” and “crazy drunk swede”. These words were used by family member, friends…

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