Alcoholism And Its Effects On The Body And The Dangers That Come With It

1917 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Through this paper I will be talking about alcoholism and its effects on the body and the dangers that come with it. Including not just the person who is imbibing the alcohol, but those around them. I will discuss the parts of the body affected by alcohol as well as its possible repercussions. During this paper I will also be including personal experiences I have had not only with alcohol myself, but those who have abused it. To start with I will be going over the mental conditioning we receive though out our life to believe that alcohol is better than it actually is.
For my entire life I can recall being bombarded by images of people drinking beer and having fun. The men were good looking and had beautiful women with them all having a blast drinking various types of alcoholic beverages. The biggest of these male figures and possible most iconic is James “007” Bond. Who we all know prefers his martinis “shaken not stirred”. If you watch Television shows consistently pictures the characters enjoying an ice cold brew after a long day’s work. Not to mention entire movies based on the premise of over serving yourself in the hopes of it leading to a crazy adventure of mishaps. We are conditioned to think this is just how things are done and drinking equals fun. Unless you’ve been negatively affected by alcohol abuse or someone close to you has I am sure I sound like I am being overly critical. The truth however, is anything but glamorous and leads to serious illnesses and…

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