Essay about Alcoholism And Its Effects On Society

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Alcoholism is one of the many problems that exist in today’s society. It may not be one of the most talked about when compared to foreign problems, but it is evident across the globe and many people are affected by it daily. Alcoholism is detrimental to the well being of a person’s health, other people’s health, and carries risks towards a nation economically. People may think excessive drinking or even drinking in trivial amounts does not affect them, but in reality everyone experiences the pain and hardships alcoholism brings about. Karen Opas is a perfect example of someone who thinks they are all right with their consumption, but it slowly took over her life. The first time Karen was drunk, to her standards, was at age thirteen, when she guzzled down shot after shot. Later in her life, at age fifteen, she witnessed how alcohol could change someone’s life. Karen was at a “bush” party, or a party held in a secluded area, when her friend was raped by her date. This could have been avoided if it were not for the fact that she had been intoxicated out of her mind and could not fight off her date, the offender. By age seventeen Karen was drinking three to five bottles of wine, five days a week. She had no sense of where she was. In a recount of her past she stated she outside in below freezing temperatures in a t-shirt and a skirt. The alcohol she drank that night made Karen forget where she lived and she could have died if the police had not shown up to take her in. The…

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