Essay about Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism

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Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are a major problem in this country: according to a recent survey, at least 16.6 million adults suffer from some form of alcohol dependency. Unfortunately, you 've recently come to the conclusion that you are one of them. Alcohol has torn your life to shreds and you 're ready to change it for the better. Thankfully, there is help available for you and people like you. You just need to be willing to make the change.
You 're No Longer In Denial...That 's Good If you 're ready to ask for help for your alcohol addiction, you 've already taken the most important step towards recovery. Too many people who suffer from alcohol addiction deny it for much of their life, letting their bodies and their minds get ravaged by alcohol for years and year. For many people who with an alcohol addiction, denial is a defense against admitting they have a weakness. According to a recent survey, only 7.8 percent of all people with an alcohol dependency were willing to admit that they had a problem. The rest of them were in denial about their physical and emotional dependency. As a result, they may never get the help that they need to overcome their problem. Thankfully, you 've already admitted that you need help and are willing to work your way towards recovery. However, before you assume that you actually have a chemical dependency, it might be wise to decide if you just have a problem abusing alcohol, rather than suffer from full fledged alcoholism. The…

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