Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse Among Native Americans Essay

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American Indians statistically suffer disproportionately from alcohol abuse compared with other racial groups in the United States. The factors that influence alcoholism among Native populations are still widely unknown, causing great health disparities in their people. To get an accurate perspective on alcohol use among Native Americans, examining different variants such as genetic and environmental factors would help determine if and why American Indians are predisposed to alcoholism. Recent research using linkage analysis has found that some Natives lack protective genetic variants. Other data illustrates the importance of socio-cultural and environmental perceptions on alcohol abuse. The relationship of genetic and environmental influences is deserving of further study and could eventually find ways to provide solutions to alcohol-related issues in American Indian communities.

Regardless of identity, alcoholism is a serious problem that affects all populations. Yet nationwide, the alcohol dependency rate is six times greater for Native Americans than that of the general population, according to estimates from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2014). Alcoholism and alcohol-related problems have created serious issues in Native American communities, but in recent decades, substantial advances have been found to understand sources and solutions to these problems. New research into the way alcohol is metabolized by the body and its effects on drinking…

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