Alcoholism Affecting Women By Jennifer Jimenez Essay

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Alcoholism Affecting Women
Jennifer Jimenez
California State University, Northridge

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are about 2.5 percent of woman who actually meet the requirements of alcohol dependence, and is becoming more common among women as to men (CDC, 2016). Alcoholism refers to an individual is dependent and constantly drinking alcohol that intervenes with their daily life. Alcoholism dependence is a dangerous illness among women because it affects them in many aspects of their lives like, health, social life, working and jobs. There are a small percentage of individuals who receive treatment for their use of alcohol. The stories of two women from the AA meeting attended will be talked about briefly, but their names will not be mentioned for privacy. Women compared to men have a different outcome of how alcohol affects them health wise because of the differences in the bodies (Women). For example, as the National Institute mentioned it in the article women begin to have issues at smaller drinking level than men and that is because of the lower weight. One of the speakers from the meeting mentioned that first experience of heavy drinking began at the age of 17 on a trip to Mexico. She began drinking on the flight over there; once she arrived, she began to mix liquors and blacked out for a good portion of the day that she still cannot recall. Since, the speaker was a female of small body frame the…

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