Alcoholics Anonymous : Alcoholism And Alcoholism Essay example

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Every year thousands of people suffer from a disease known as alcoholism and addiction. American Medical Association declared alcoholism and illness in 1956. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcoholism truly is a disease of the mind. Alcoholics have been around for about 60 years. This past year it was estimated that 30,000 people lost their lives due to alcohol related deaths. Although many believe that alcoholics have the ability to control their drinking, this could not be further from the truth. What it comes down to is that numerous alcoholics suffer because no matter how much self will they have at their disposal to stop drinking they cannot, making alcoholism clearly a disease of the mind. For those who reach a low point and they wish to quit their drinking habit there is an option to recovery known as Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous originated as far back as 1935. It 's founders Bill W and Dr. Bob were hopeless alcoholics with no solution. Soon Bill realized that for him the key to not drinking was to talk to another alcoholic. Soon Bill started up meeting and in 1939, he along with Dr. Bob published the Book “Alcoholics Anonymous”. This book outlined a philosophy and 12 steps to work that the program of Alcoholics Anonymous runs by. Soon their mission took off and by 1950 over 100,000 were cured of their alcoholism by becoming members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Membership to Alcoholics Anonymous is contingent on a…

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